The HEAL Foundation

The HEAL Foundation is a non-profit charity that has operated in the slums of India since 2003. Our aim is to help individuals unite to overcome communal and personal challenges. HEAL promotes self-reliance by training destitute communities to solve their own local problems.

We accomplish this through a variety of efforts, including the following:
  • Teaching health education and gardening
  • Linking communities to local government and private resources
  • Realizing community development projects
  • Improving water and sanitation facilities
  • Establishing primary schools for struggling children
  • Organizing women’s groups to promote economic self-reliance

On a limited budget, we support 9 full-time staff in organizing networks of volunteers to reach over 30,000 men, women, and children in over 26 Indian slums. We hope to expand these efforts as funding permits.

To empower undeserved communities to overcome obstacles to healthy growth.

HEAL is comprised of staff members and volunteers, working together in India and the United States.

HEAL helps undeserved communities come together to overcome the challenges they face.

There is no better way to help those we serve than by making a donation.

What Makes HEAL Different
Each of HEAL's programs aims to empower the communities we serve. Our entire mission is founded on the understanding that the cycle of poverty can only be broken when individuals and underserved communities own the entire process of recognizing and overcoming the challenges they face.

How HEAL Maximizes the Impact of Your Donation
HEAL is dedicated to making every donated dollar as effective as possible in promoting lasting change. All of HEAL's U.S. staff are non-paid volunteers, which ensures that every dollar you donate goes directly towards assisting the communities we serve.

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We strive to make every donation as effective as possible in creating sustainable change. It is philanthropy well spent.